Seams Too Simple

…patterns in life

I seam to be patient…but should be patient whilst seaming!

Why is it that when I see a project, I immediately focus on the finished product?  Why am I not focused on the journey?  The peace from within that one enjoys from the creative process…has not found me quite yet.  Taking the time to make sure every step is followed makes me feel like this…

Are we there yet?!

Yes, there are times I have been ‘in the zone’, but those times are rare.  With up to 3 kids in our house at any given time when I’m not at work, sewing has become my escape while everyone is occupied.  This escape tends to motivate me to rush through projects.  Hopefully as I log my successful projects here I will learn to let go and take my time.

We begin with the half-circle skirt.

I recall my grandmother making a ton of skirts for me in my youth over several years.  So much so that I dreaded wearing them whenever a new batch was presented.  I rebelled by wearing shorts underneath.

Shorts made skirts wearable!

I was not her babyboom-era kid, my school had playgrounds and encouraged girls to be equal to boys.

Looking back, I think she followed the basic circle-skirt pattern.  Now that I’m not an active youth, I appreciate the simplicity, comfort and flow the circle skirt provides.  Especially down here in Houston.

There’s a great tutorial by Patty (in nearby Dallas, I might add!) here and she even created an awesome spreadsheet for calculating full, ¾ and ½ circle skirt waist measurements!  Way cool!

My first mistake – I entered the wrong number in the spreadsheet and came up with a waist circumference that was too big.  And I didn’t notice it until after I cut the fabric, either!  Oh well, not to worry, I just cut off the excess from the waist band all the way to the end of the hem.

Then for some reason I decided to hem the skirt before the zipper or joining the skirt seam.  Seriously, this was a typical case of careless rushing on my part.

After a lot of quality time with my seam ripper, I successfully made a really cute slightly-less-than-half circle skirt!  It’s linen so it breathes and is allowed to be wrinkled.

What do you think?

Voila! Perfect length and oh-so-comfy!

Waistband sits on me just right

Waistband is a simple 4-inch wide strip folded in half length-wise, ironed, and attached.


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