Seams Too Simple

…patterns in life


Who am I?

I am a thirty-something woman who works full time and has a passion for sewing.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a passion for the lack of time I am able to dedicate to my projects.  This lack of time also keeps me very focused and determined to finish projects, no matter how many times I have to grab my seam ripper!  It’s amazing what I can accomplish when working on a weekend project with a before-Monday-morning deadline.

My other hobbies include general crafting, learning how to simplify things/philosophies to save money, cooking super yummy meals for my family, staying fit and loving the ones in my life that matter most.

Why did I start this blog?

Surprisingly, I thought I would be nervous to start this blog.  With so many blogs and communities dedicating to sewing, I’ve learned there’s really no niche that has yet to be uncovered.

My hope is to guide and, at the very least, validate those that may be intimidated by sewing his/her own clothes, finding the time to do projects while we balance our ‘real’ jobs with our dream of spending days with only sewing in mind.

I want to keep a journal of my ventures in the world of fashion. I’m evolving my style (jeans & tshirt most days) to be more unique, using available fabrics, colors and custom-sizing along the way. I’m also hoping to discover others out there who have ideas, suggestions, advice, or just something to add.  Perhaps I can learn a lot by sharing my creations, frustrations, goals and opinions.

Sometimes there are patterns that truly do seam too simple to the average person when in reality…that’s just what they are!  Similar to life in general!


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