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Ruffles that seamed difficult…but were so much fun!

I absolutely LOVE this project – credit goes to Carly J. Cais and her project here

It’s one of those make-a-blouse-from-a-guy’s-button-down-shirt projects.  Yes, there are a TON of steps, but they start to flow and make sense once you’ve started, going by pretty quickly.  Most are common sense, but I like that she adds more information than most projects.

Oh, by the way, I found this pattern by joining and searching for blouses/tops.  I found that most projects here are for the younger folk, but it’s oh-so-fun to peruse the ideas out there!

Back to the ruffle top.  My husband isn’t an extra-large kinda guy, so there wasn’t much fabric wasted on this upcycle project.  The fabric of the shirt was…well, let’s say I think he bought this when he was trying out new things, stepping outside his golf-polo comfort zone.  I have to give him props because this was waaay out there for him.

Luckily, this button-down never made the day-to-day rotation for my husband’s outfit choices.   He somewhat begrudgingly handed it over to me a few months ago and when I brought it out last weekend, he was curious how it would turn out…or he was a bit scared to see the scissors chop it up.  Either way, he was interested!

The bottom half of the button placard (buttons & holes) is removed, then the two sides sewn together.  You do this under the 4th button.  The original fancy-ness of this shirt already included tuxedo pleat details on either side of the buttons, so it added a really nice touch without me doing anything.  Always a fan of efficiency!   😀

Tuxedo pleats – great detail!

Now, for the RUFFLES!  Basically, you cut off the sleeves, which are cut into long rectangles, then made into ruffles and attached to the button placard strips:

Ruffles and black thread


Considering my guy is perpetually fit (with or without exercise), his shirts don’t usually have a ton of fabric….hence the reason I had to add a side-zipper:

Side zipper

This blouse is completely different than what I normally wear, so I’m thinking it will be perfect to wear on a date night! What do you think?

All done!


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