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Ironing Sucks.

Most sewing projects include at least one step involving pressing the seams.  And these steps


are usually between each sewing step.  Like,

Press seams open.

Press seams together.

Press seams inward.

Press seams toward the notches.

In our house, this involves going from my dining/sewing/craft room to the bedroom to iron some seams.  It’s not fun, especially with complicated (frustrating) projects.

I know, I can leave the iron in the dining/sewing/craft room.   I ask you to think about it – does adding an upright ironing board to that room sound cozy to you?

Ironing is an annoying extra step that is so time consuming once you get focused.  Like pressing a 50 inch strip of 2 inch binding.  Dear. Gawd.  What a nightmare.  I’m seriously considering one of those over priced binding-making-doohickeys.

Pressing seams…a waste of my (impatient) time!

An obstacle to the finished product.

Interference in my focused effort to get the project finished already!


It does help so much.  Sometimes when I press seams, I can skip pinning the pieces altogether.  The hooded towels I made were so easy to topstitch because I took the time to press the seams.

When I take the time to iron, the fabric is a bit crisper and lies more naturally.  It’s nice to see your project, no matter how simple or complicated (frustrating), start to take shape.  This is usually when I become proud of my work.  Kinda like putting on a pair of heels (with or without the dress, same feeling).

So from now on, when I get frustrated about my trip to the bedroom, I’ll remind myself to press on.

Tee hee…



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